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Five stars isn't enough! She is simply the best! Provided pain relief and solid advice for maintaining good health. Thank you!

~06/02/2019 Joe (Groupon)

Absolutely soothing. She has magic in her hands.

~03/29/2019 M. (Groupon)

It was an amazing experience. Totally going back.

~02/16/2019 Monika (Groupon)

She is amazing! So friendly and she knows what she is doing. My massage was very relaxing. Can't wait to go back.

~01/28./2019 Megan (Groupon)

Hands down by far the BEST massage I have ever gotten. I told her afterwards that her hands are magical. I have been trying so many places to find the perfect masseuse and I finally found her. I absolutely LOVE her good energy and more importantly her incredible massages. She is worth every penny and more!

~03/27/2018 (SpaWeek)

Felt great after got a lot of knots out of my neck.

~03/25/2018 (SquareUp)

Wonderful massage!  I've had many and she is by far the best! Knows exactly what you need!  Can't wait to go back!

~ 03/07/2018 Laurie P. (Yelp)

Egle is a gives massages that treat my problem areas. She can to custom massages, deep tissue, relaxing or a little of each depending on the area.  She listens, cares and works accordingly.  Very reasonable rates too. Having massages with her about 6 years. I highly recommend her.

~ 09/05/2017 Barbara H. (Yelp)

Hands down by far the BEST massage I have ever gotten. I told her afterwards that her hands are magical. I have been trying so many places to find the perfect masseuse and I finally found her. I absolutely LOVE her good energy and more importantly her incredible massages. She is worth every penny and more!

~ 09/02/2017 K.M. (Yelp)

Egle is a gifted and thoughtful therapist that LISTENS to what you're needing. Highly recommend!

~ 08/11/2017 Beth W. (Yelp)

Egle is a talented and intuitive therapist that really listen to her clients and knows just what to do to resolve to support their healing. Love the vintage office space, super charming and convenient location.

~ 10/08/2017 Beth W. (Facebook)

I highly recommend Egle! She is an incredible massage therapist and has an easy, friendly, and welcoming demeanor. She finds the tight muscles even if you aren't aware of them, and always had helpful tips on how to help between visits!

~ 06/25/2017 Nancy R. (Yelp)

Great place and great masseuse!!

~ 08/26/2015 (SquareUp)

Great masseuse gives helpful tips perfect touch

~ 07/27/2015 (SquareUp)

Egle gives great tips and  Egle is an amazing masseuse. gives great massages i will be back for sure.

~ 07/09/2015 Tyler G. (Yelp)

She has such a great personality and is such an amazing masseuse. I'm so glad that I found her. On top of being a great masseuse, she's such a great person. One time before a massage we were talking and I had mentioned I was looking everywhere for some basic blackboard chalk. I couldn't find any anywhere. Well what does she do? Offers me some of her own. I was blown away and it really helped me out since I was in a bind with part of a wedding gift I had for someone. Everything about my massages with Egle are just amazing. She really listens to you and offers you advice for any ailment you may have. I've told so many friends about her and push them to see her if they ever need a massage. She customized everything for you.

~ 11/27/2014 Loryn R. (Yelp)

Thanks for today. I needed it. I feel great. See in a few weeks for another massage.

~ 09/18/2014 Dawn R. (Facebook)

Awesome Therapist. You will be in great hands. Literally :)

~ Isis P. (Facebook)

I had not had a massage in a long time. But I have had many different experiences getting a massage. So, I feel I'm a good judge of massage therapy. So, I went to EglÄ—. She is more than reasonably priced!! It's almost criminal to pay so little for such a great massage. She has great touch, is technically sound, and very intuitive with her manipulation of the tissue. She really listens to her clients difficult parts to work on, and honors that. She will stick to what you tell her you want. That is really important to me. I will be a regular client of hers now & I would recommend her to anyone I know. If you want a female therapist who is strong, with great technical skill, awesome touch....and pleasant bedside manner and I cannot stress enough reasonably priced!!! She is an excellent choice.

~ 06/25/2014 Amy R. (Yelp)

Excellent massage--I would highly recommend and plan on returning.

~ 06/17/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

Awesome!!! Great massage

~ 06/14/2014 Kimberly C. (Facebook) 

Thank you Egle for the AMAZING massage was so nice to just focus on me, even if for an hr:)

~ 06/09/2014 Audrey H. (Facebook)

Egle has many techniques she can use depending on what you need. Very nice place and a very relaxing massage.

~ 05/30/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

She has the perfect touch. And the place on diversity is relaxing, comfortable, and quiet. I will definitely return!

~ 05/13/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

Massage was fine, however environment lacks a spa-like feeling and large flight of stairs is difficult on older clients.

~04/29/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

Egle has strong hands, she is not rushed in any way. Egle will ask how much time you would like her to massage any one area. You get your money worth. And you are not with lots of people, it is a single room in a house that has other business in it. It is very nice set up. 

~04/22/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

My massage was very relaxing . I will be a return customer!

~04/15/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

Very literally the best massage I have ever had. Definitely not your average "spa" but very professional 1 room setup. Would definitely recommend.

~04/10/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

She's awesome.

~03/28/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)  

Wonderful massage. Highly recommended!

~03/14/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

She is very good.

~03/14/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

I was expecting a spa, which is not the case, but Egle is an amazing masseuse. I'd recommend her without reservation.

~02/24/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

She is wonderful..............

~02/13/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Egle did a wonderful job. I was not as stiff after the massage as I felt before hand. Good amount of pressure--very professional!!

~02/12/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Egle has a profoundly sensitive touch. Her work and her demeanor never cease to put me and my frustrating back tension at ease. I often find work by other therapists to be hurried and bumbling. Egle is the exact opposite - patient, dynamic, deliberate and effective. I, seriously, count the days to every treatment.

~02/09/2014 Michael M. (Yelp)

Thoroughly enjoyed my reflexology!!! Egle was the best i have ever had!!!!!!!!!

~01/30/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

GREAT reflexology, my Feet loved it.

~01/23/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

 Very good. I will be back.

~12/03/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Egle has a great technique and is very comfortable to be in a session with. I will definitely return!! Thanks!!

~12/02/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Great service and wonderful massage. Will go to her again even without the Groupon

~11/25/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Very personable, she gave me great advice to improve posture, and then she gave me an hour of heavenly massage. The music was perfect, the light was perfect, the scent in the room was perfect, she has put a lot of thought into all the details. The room was impeccable and she washes her hands at the end of the session! yes!

~11/22/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

I never know what I get with a groupon as far as quality and with Egle, she was a more than pleasant surprise. Actually, amazing. She is beyond 'just a massage'!

~11/15/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Egle is absolutely outstanding and not your average masseuse. She really listens and responds accordingly. Egle's ability to personalize your massage based on your body is amazing. She is truly one of a kind.

~11/15/2013 Linda O. (Yelp)

Does a great job! Finally someone that can get into my knots.

~10/18/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Ms. Egle is very friendly and knowledgeable about massage. She have a very cute space in the heart of downtown Downers Grove. I recommend her very much.

~10/08/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

One of the best massages I've ever received, Egle knows just the right amount of pressure and can tailor your massage to your needs.  I decided to try her out based on some positive online reviews and was pleased to find that her studio space was very clean, modern and organized, there's just the right amount of space to feel comfortable.  The massage table/bed was much more comfortable than standard ones I've layed on before, the headrest in particular had more support and allowed me to blissfully concentrate on the massage, instead of feeling any strain on my face/neck which often occurs.  Once Egle started the massage I realized that she really knew almost instinctively, the right amount of pressure as she worked out many knots and eased my tension with her technique.  I could feel her adjust depending on how my body would react to various strokes and varied pressure, which is great instead of having to instruct a less qualified or talented therapist.  The hour flew by very quickly because for once I was able to simply relax and enjoy my body in such a relaxed state.  I felt elevated afterward and can't wait to return.  Egle is a very knowledgeable massage therapist who goes above and beyond to iron out any tensions or strains your body may have, she cares about your well being and is able to diagnose and help alleviate your pain.  To top it off her rates are surprisingly a bargain for now so give Egle a visit if you're in need of massage therapy or simply wish to relax and ease away the stress and tensions of life!

~10/07/2013 Chris O. (Yelp)

What a fabulous find! One of the best. Highly reco! I will most def be back.

~10/07/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

I will be going back. She was wonderful.

~09/27/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

She helps you with mind and massage I would tell anyone who needs a massage for healing love her passion for her work.

~09/20/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Everytime I visit Egle I feel like I never want to leave! She knows when I want to chat and when I just want to relax and nap while she works. She is extremely skilled at what she does and has a huge knowledge base and a lot of different techniques which allow her to fully service whatever I need worked on at that particular visit. Plus she is gentle in addition to therapeutic, something which, in my experience, is hard to find.

~08/20/2013 Jennifer H. (Yelp)

It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I will definetly be going back to her again. She is very skilled. Shes established a totally relaxing setting. I left feeling great.

~08/05/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Warmly inviting small spa-like massage room. Friendly and knowledgable licensed massage therapist. Very attentive and caring. One of the best massages I've ever had! will go back, thank you Groupon and thank you Egle!

~07/26/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Excellent massage and knows what to recommend as therapy afterwards.

~07/23/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback) 

Great mix of capabilities which will definately have me coming back. Total relief from a very sore body.

~06/27/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

It was a great massage!

~05/21/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Egle is friendly, accommodating and knowledgable! The massage was wonderful and my first experience with foot reflexology was great!

~04/02/2013 (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Thank you for the best massage!

~03/16/2013 Melissa R. (Facebook)

Egle Milavickas is wonderful!! I see her once a month and every time I leave her table I cannot believe how amazing I feel afterward.   I like that she will customize each massage for what I need for that day.  It is also important for me to feel very comfortable with a MT otherwise I cannot relax, and I definitely feel comfortable with her. Extremely professional, and very organized!  She also gives me great advise on holistic techniques to help with my body's minor ailments.  Schedule massage with her once a month and get a great deal!  You cannot go wrong with Egle!

~03/14/2013 Victoria K. (Yelp)

I just love this place! It's a bit out of my way, but my last massage I had won me over and now I'll definitely be a regular here. I work on my feet all day due to the nature of my job so I can truly appreciate a great back and neck massage or a foot massage. Egle, my massage therapist, is a true professional. Let me just say after my massage my back has not felt that good in a long time.
The place is very clean and the staff so friendly. It was a pleasure going to Blissful Spa!

~01/27/2013 Radu C. (Yelp)

So glad that I found Egle almost a year ago- she is the keeper!

~12/27/2012 Vita M. (Facebook)

Egle is MY therapist.  I've seen a lot different massage therapists, and Egle has got to be my favorite!

~10/31/2012 Chris V. (Facebook)

Egle was outstanding. I knew, given her credentials, that this girl knew more than your average therapist and did she ever. "She know what she's doing" is an understatement. The value in Egle is her taking the detailed time to just sit an listen and hear out your case and/or physical needs and discomforts. Given that knowledge, she is so easily able to diagnose what specific kind of treatment you need and she goes right at it to fix you up. She even goes above and beyond and leaves you with some very helpful suggestions for at-home therapy should you need it. Egle is just a flat out valuable resource to have for your physical health and therapeutic needs. Once you see Egle, you won't go see anyone else.

~10/13/2012 Rich A. (Yelp)

I love going here for massages when I'm out that way. Egle does great massages and Janet does raindrop therapy. They are so friendly and relaxing.

~08/28/2012 Shelly J. (Yelp)

I was looking for some one who is offering oriental type of massages in my area and found Egle Milavickas. She was very professional. More then that I loved her Tai Yoga techniques! I'm definitely going back as you get great deal if book for a massage once a month! Great place in Downtown of Downers Grove!

~07/03/2012 Vita D. (Yelp)

Egle is the BEST. I was a dancer my whole life, with a slew of back, knee, hip, neck, ankle, and foot problems. If it's in my body, I probably strained, pulled, fractured, or just plain old f-ed up at some point in my life. That being said, I've seen a million different massage therapists, and Egle has got to be my favorite. She is super sweet, and VERY attentive. She asks a ton of questions to get a feel for you and what you and your body needs. Her room always smells extremely pleasant, and the massage table is heated- woo woo! I've been to her for a 60-minute and a 75-minute massage, and both were fantastic and very comfortable. She also offers specials for return customers, which is very thoughtful and much appreciated. If you live in the suburbs (or even if you don't, as the location is literally steps off of the Downers Grove Main Street Metra stop), GO SEE EGLE. You won't be disappointed!

~03/07/2012 Jenna D. (Yelp)

I really enjoyed a bed as cozy & warm as mine from home.  My experience was well exceeding that of the typical massage chains that are in every  other city.   I will be back!!!'

~01/28/2012 Teresa C. (Yelp)

Thank you Egle! I feel so much better after my visit!

~12/06/2011 Chris V. (Facebook)

Egle is one of the best Massage Therapists in the Chicagoland area. She is very skilled at kneading those stubborn knots out, and she finds worrisome spots you didn't even realize you had!

~ 12/05/2011 Carol S. (Facebook)

I had a 75 minute customized massage with Egle on 11/1/2011. I usually get massages approximately 2-3x/month, so I can appreciate a great massage therapist and massage experience. Let me just say that Egle is wonderful and her massage was one of the best I've had! She is very attentive and asks lots of questions before beginning the massage to ensure she completely addresses your needs. Egle has great techniques and I highly recommend her. I live close to downtown Chicago and it was definitely worth the drive to Downers Grove.

~11/03/2011 Maria G. (Yelp)

My girlfriend and i visited Blissful about 4 months ago for a massage and absolutely loved it.  She is very knowledgeable at massage and more importantly, has the best techniques!  My girlfriend and i have returned to her at least a dozen times and she is now our "go-to" massage therapist now.  Highly recommend!!

~10/01/2011 Dean K. (Yelp)

My girlfriend and I discovered Blissful Sacred Spa through a deal website.  And we're so glad we did!  Both therapists who we got massages from were excellent (Sharon and Egle).  In fact, we enjoyed them so much that we've returned to get massages from them on several occasions.  Since we have the good opportunity to get massaged quite often, we have high expectations for what makes a good massage.  Sharon and Egle have definitely surpassed our highest expectations, and we think people should know:)

~08/08/2011 Dean K. (Yelp)

Finding pure Bliss was so easy when I stepped into Blissful. I loved the space so intimate and cozy. I felt at ease with the smell of sage in the air and the therapist Egle and Tracy are so awesome. Tracy worked her magic of hot stones and Reiki and I felt restored when I left out of there. I have three massages scheduled for the next couple of months. I have found my new massage place! 

~ 07/21/2011 Rahshonda K. (Yelp)

Last evening had a 60 minute hot rock massage with Egle. It was phenomenal! She is very attentive and asks a lot of questions to ensure you get the type of massage that you need. I was very sore from working out and she was able to work out all my kinks without putting me through a bunch of pain. I will for sure be visiting her again real soon!

~ 06/28/2011 Melicious J. (Yelp)

I've been to Blissful a few times and they are wonderful! I had the Raindrop Aromatherapy & lymphatic drainage done by Janet, a massage by Egle and the Lomi Lomi massage done by Tracey and each time I went it was awesome! It is a very relaxing atmosphere and they are all very friendly. I don't live close by but it won't keep me from traveling an hour to go here, it's a great place for spa services!

~06/07/2011 Shelly J. (Yelp)

I ventured out to the suburbs for a massage because of a two buck deal for a 60 minute massage with Egle for $30. For the die-hard city dwellers, the Downer's Grove location is easily accessible by train, and Downers Grove is actually a cute suburb to spend a few hours on a lazy weekend.  This is an extremely quaint, if not luxurious spa. Seated in the waiting area, I got the distinct feeling that the local residents make an hour spa break a part of their weekly routine. To set the scene, when you enter the spa, the front area is a small storefront, with a few chairs in front and a water cooler with tea and a plate of fresh fruit. This is definitely a small, personal operation. Most spas will ask you to fill out a questionnaire before your first massage. Egle actually spends time going through the information, asks about your medical history, your work, you stressors and what you hope to get out of a massage session, all before the clock starts on your massage hour. During the massage itself, she asked several times if the pressure was okay, and adjusted accordingly. She does chat a bit during the start of the session, which was a little unusual, but after we'd figured out the type of pressure that worked for me and the trouble areas I wanted her to focus on, it was great. Overall, it was a nice, relaxing experience. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was because, be aware that this is not, nor does it claim to be, a high end luxurious spa experience. (I'd have given it 4.5 stars if that were an option.) This is a small, comfortable, highly individualized spa experience, without all the frills, bells and whistles,  Well worth the trip to the burbs.

~ 05/09/2011 Lilith K. (Yelp)

I've had several massages at many locations in almost every city I have ever visited but none can compare to Egle's. She always listens to me and works exactly on the areas that are most needed. Only a few times since finding Egle have I made the mistake of going elsewhere but I won't let that happen again.  Egle is the perfect mix of professional and fun!

~ 04/11/2011 Adam S. (Yelp)

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